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So you like coming over touring in Brittany one of the most motorhome friendly country with its huge number of places or sites or areas or locations or spots where motorhomes can stay, in a nutshell a moho nirvarna & for that no need of an off-road capable live-aboard vehicle with all the off-road bells, whistles, & creature comforts obliterating the million euro mark but nevertheless you’re welcome should you be lucky enough to own such a beast. No prejudice around.

Down below are links to files in various formats of a comprehensive list of those useful Points (Places) of Interest Brittany (e.g. stopovers, camper stops, campsites aka CP, sanitary stations [bornes or aires de service], Stellplätze, Wohnmobilstellplätze, bobilsiden, aree di sosta, camperplaatsen , camperparks, husbilsplats, bobilparkering,... aka AS where dumping waste water whether black or grey is almost always free but other facilities such as fresh water or electricity require some payment usually by means of a credit card, supermarkets & others of interest such as DIY shops, chandlers & so on, car parks or conventional parking lots aka P, slipways, & more,...) for recreational vehicles aka RVs, motorhomes, camp trailers, motor caravans, campers, camper vans, conversion vans, pick up campers, truck campers, dormobiles, caravanettes, supercab trucked fifth wheel trailers, house trailers, trail cars, kombis, combis, mobile homes, camping cars, house buses, caravans, autocampere, campingbusse, you name it, <g>.

Please remember : All across Europe local laws only permits 'Self-Contained/Self-Sustained' motor caravans or campers to be parked responsibly & their users to cook & sleep inside. A self-contained motorhome or self-sustained camper van needs to have on board fresh water containers, built-in waste tanks & toilet, & you must be able to cook & sleep inside the vehicle. Parking is only allowed, on public domain as a rule on areas designated for parking vehicles, on private land always with owner permission. Camping at AS i.e. winding out awnings, putting out tables & chairs, erecting a tent, getting your Moroccan mat pegged down, hanging out washing or starting a gen-set is usually forbidden throughout Europe. Don't abuse stopovers; no antisocial behaviour such as noise, littering and vandalism; do not try & park so as to reserve yourself extra room; AS are stopovers or for very short stays & not designed to be a holiday destination; if you want to camp, use a campsite.

For Garmin MapSource or BaseCamp ( POI-Brittany.gdb ) it's here

For   Garmin MapSource or BaseCamp or POI Loader ( POI-Brittany.gpx ) it's here

Note :To view or edit the contents of that POI-Brittany.gpx file without Garmin MapSource or BaseCamp use Extra POI Editor

For Google Earth ( POI-Brittany.kmz ) it's here

For Tom Tom devices ( POI-Brittany.ov2 ) it's here

For Garmin devices ( POI-Brittany.gpi )   it's here

To be added either to the Device or to the SD Card if any as follows: -->Garmin --> POI -->POI-Brittany.gpi  

For any other device use GPSBabel to convert any of the previous file to the required format.

N.B. : For more geographic facts about Brittany take a look at this site

& for that paper road map of Brittany 9782914841160 Blay Foldex 1/250000 (unfortunately sold out) it's this way

Other alternatives are :

9780749575458 Automobile Association (1/180000)
9782309050580 Blay Foldex (1/200000) Seems currently unavailable
9782400210272 Berlitz (1/250000)
9782758532781 IGN (1/250000)
9783259014509 Kümmerly & Frey (1/175000)
9783829740388 Mairdumont (1/200000)
9783831773008 Reise Know How (1/200 000)
9788375466614 Express Map (1/300 000)
9788869850455 Libreria Geografica (1/300000)
9781843532385 Rough Guides (1/200000)
9781858790619 Roger Lascelles (1/250000)
9783929811155 Berndtson & Berndtson (1/400000)


Should you wish other extra information about Brittany take a look at "The official site for Brittany Tourism" (Lec’hienn ofisiel Poellgor an Touristerezh e Breizh) available in various languages namely :










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